I don’t just teach you how to heal your symptoms; 

I show you what it takes to prevent them from coming back

You long for the day when you wake up feeling refreshed, symptom free and FEELING great, both inside and out.

You’re ready to feel healthier, but you need help identifying specific changes to your diet, lifestyle, and natural medicine routine that will actually work for you.

You’re ready for someone to connect the dots as to why you have symptoms, show you exactly what to do to fix them, and finally get off the “this isn’t working” rollercoaster.

Right now, though, that’s just not your reality.

Because right now: 

You need help pinpointing what’s gone wrong, you’re frustrated with being offered only pills, and you’re done with the short-term results of your current health routine. 

You’re tired of healthcare providers telling you there is nothing wrong, your labs are normal, or worse implying your symptoms are all in your head.

Exhausted and unsure where else to turn, you’ve got unanswered questions and you’re ready to take matters into your own hands, so you set out to find answers yourself. 

You feel overwhelmed by the amount of information out there, the mountain of conflicting advice in the online space is unreal, and you’re done with taking supplement advice from yet another IG influencer. 

You feel like you should be making progress from the changes you’re making, yet you’re still not seeing the results you want.

Naturally, you may feel at a loss for what to do next. 

Hi, I’m Dr. Maggie Luther, and I work with women just like you who are frustrated with having very few REAL answers as to why they experience the symptoms they do. 

These women want more than pharmaceuticals to address their health issues, and are done with the piecemeal approach of conventional medicine when it comes to figuring out what’s wrong. 

As a successful holistic doctor, herbalist and nutritionist, who has not only healed my own symptoms and devoted myself to understanding natural medicine for the last two decades, but has also helped hundreds of clients to find health themselves, I want to help you too!

The biggest issue I see women make time and again is not understanding the critical element of working to help symptoms heal. And it’s not your fault.

You’ve been taught there’s a pill for that, natural or otherwise.

But I’m here to tell you, natural medicine isn’t about treating your symptoms with simply a pill.

It’s about using the RIGHT nutrition, lifestyle habits, and natural therapies to provide your body with what it needs to heal symptoms.

Modern pharmacological medicine focuses on treating symptoms, which is great for acute and life-threatening issues!

However when it comes to chronic symptoms and health challenges, many people fall through the cracks with western medicine, because in order to heal symptoms you don’t actually want to treat them.  

Healing symptoms and treating symptoms are two VERY DIFFERENT things. 

Treating symptoms doesn’t provide long-term symptom resolution. 

Treating symptoms generally focuses on forcefully making the symptoms temporarily disappear, which is great if you have an infection. 

But if you’re dealing with chronic symptoms like so many women are, treating your PCOS, blood sugar, lipid issues, autoimmune thyroid condition, bloat, fatigue, and so on with something to force it to go away means that you will always need to use that treatment to force it to go away. (If the treatment even works in the first place.)

Using blood sugar medication to reduce blood sugar is necessary if you have high blood sugar. But if you truly want to bring your blood sugar back into balance, that takes a different approach. 

Instead we work on healing your symptoms where the body is out of balance. For each woman, that is unique and why personalized medicine works wonders for helping women finally have answers to their health questions and heal.

And we use one of the most powerful tools you have to accomplish this.

Your habits. Habits Heal.

When you learn what it takes to focus on healing your symptoms, you break free from the hamster-wheel of treating your symptoms.

When it comes to your habits, what exactly supports healing your symptoms?

  • Nutrition
  • Stress management
  • Exercise
  • Fresh air / oxygen
  • Mindset
  • Connection
  • Emotional health
  • Acceptance
  • And more…

And of course working with someone who knows how to address the root cause of symptoms. Someone who fully understands that using your habits to restore health is very different from simply treating your symptoms with natural supplements.

A pill, natural or otherwise, won’t heal your symptoms. 

Health is a journey, not a destination.

There is no shortcut here when it comes to health. You’ll see that the healing journey is often two steps forward and one step back. 

You must find a routine that supports your body-mind-spirit to find health, DAILY.

So if you’re: 

  • Ready to learn what it takes to finally heal your symptoms using your habits 
  • OK with ditching the “will this supplement make my symptoms go away” mentality
  • And excited to become the best caretaker of your health

Then we’re sure to be great friends!

When we become friends, you can stop relying on Dr. Google, IG influencers with no health and medical training, and information overload with online health blogs that just puke out the same wrong “health” information, over and over.

With a good dose of reality, humor and tough love I can help you achieve the results you desire. 

And I do that by holding you accountable!

You don’t need more WHAT. You need HOW. 

Won’t it be great when you can finally say, you’ve found someone who has provided you with actual answers to your health questions, who’s helped you put all the information together. Someone who provided you with clarity about what’s out of balance and what to do to fix it. 

And that you not only feel so much better, but you’re using a natural medicine routine, including your diet, lifestyle and RIGHT natural therapies, to prevent symptoms from coming back!

Remember – Health is a Lifestyle, Healing is a Journey, 

You’ve Got This!

Yours in health

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