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Unlock Your Natural Healing Potential And Reclaim Your Health to Live a Symptom Free Life

Say goodbye to frustration and overwhelm, and discover the power of whole person health.

Together, lets embrace your body’s innate healing ability.


At Your Wellness Expert we believe you have the ability to take control of your health. But that only happens when you have the RIGHT information PAIRED with actionable steps. Otherwise information without action is pointless!

If you’re ready to unlock the power of root cause medicine and discover effective strategies to treat the whole person, you’re in the right place.

It all starts with BEING inspired to make simple shifts to your daily habits.

Who We’re Talking To

Women who want to heal their symptoms naturally but feel overwhelmed, frustrated or confused about what to do. They’re not getting answers from their healthcare providers, and want more than pharmaceuticals to treat their symptoms.

We live by a different set of principles when it comes to healing symptoms!

holistic healing

Holistic Healing

Holistic healing embraces the belief that true wellness extends beyond the absence of physical symptoms.

By aligning with nature’s wisdom, harnessing the power of plants, and integrating mind-body practices, holistic healing offers a pathway to optimal health and vitality. It is a transformative experience inviting us to become active participants in our own healing journey.

root cause medicine

Root Cause Medicine

Root cause medicine is all about treating the whole person, not just symptoms, but the root causes of dis-ease.

Digging deep to unearth the underlying issues, and nurturing the body back to health can restore balance and promote optimal health. There is a recognition that your physical health is deeply tied to your emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing.

mind body connection

Mind Body Connection

The mind body connection recognizes our mental and emotional state plays a significant role in our overall health.

There exists an intimate link between our thoughts, emotions, beliefs & physical wellbeing. This connection has been acknowledged for centuries, and modern science continues to uncover its profound impact on our ability to heal even when faced with uncertain odds.

What We’re Talking About

digestive health and the microbiome

Digestive Health

Digestion is the foundation of all health. In order to heal any symptoms, you must first heal the gut and microbiome.

healthy aging from resilience

Healthy Aging

Aging is something that is inevitable. Maintaining health, while aging, is about building resiliency into our daily habits.

Mood Sleep Stress

The physical, mental, and emotional aspects of who we are carry equal importance. Finding balance amongst a busy life is key.

metabolic health

Metabolic Health

Blood sugar, lipids, blood pressure and metabolism are all pieces of the same puzzle. Nutrition & lifestyle choices are key.

Fatigue to Energy

Fatigue is a symptom, that when paired with your other symptoms tells you where in your body imbalances exist.

hormonal health

Hormonal Health

From the thyroid to the adrenal glands, estrogen to progesterone, and more, having balanced hormones is vital to overall health.